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Client Testimonial: Glendale Court


We are so incredibly happy for this young man. He had no record and found himself in a heap of serious trouble at the young age of 19. The Glendale Police Department investigated this matter. Our Pasadena and Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys were able to dismantle these allegations, systematically, over the course of a few months.  We managed to secure audio recordings of the investigation; those recordings captured facts wholly inconsistent with the police officer’s report. In addition to that, while the police report seemed clean of constitutional violations on it face, the recordings showed otherwise:  This young man’s Miranda rights were violated. Further, our client followed our advice to a tee and helped us develop alternative defense strategies. At the end of the day, we set this man up for a dismissal! That’s what its all about! THE LEVENTHAL FIRM lives for these moments.

The leventhal firm

Mock Cross-Examination of Prosecution Crime Lab Expert

This video serves as an example of how THE LEVENTHAL FIRM uses its knowledge and skills to manipulate unfavorable scientific evidence in a jury trial setting.  Lead Trial Attorney, Andrew Leventhal, Esq., uses a real DUI criminal case to show his audience that damning scientific evidence can be beat.  In this DUI case, Mr. Leventhal fought breath alcohol readings that were above the legal limit; you will see how he uses objective facts, empirical data and the Evidence Code to bring these high prosecutorial breath alcohol readings to a number that is below the legal limit.

Mr. Leventhal employs similar, but different tactics with other forms of scientific evidence, such as DNA, fingerprints, and ballistics to overcome what appears to be the key to the prosecution’s case.  A dedicated criminal defense attorney can attack anything if he or she devotes the time and effort to study how.

The leventhal firm

Fighting to Exonerate the Wrongfully Convicted

Of Counsel, Mark McBride, Esq. makes the news in his efforts to exonerate Willie Cooks, a man who has spent almost three decades in prison for a murder he did not commit.  THE LEVENTHAL FIRM is proud to have Mr. McBride on its team.  Our firm takes wrongful convictions very seriously and does what we can to rectify them.