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Anonymous Client

“It was my very first encounter with the law and my very first experience with a public defender. My case was a pretty open and shut case (against me) and the public defender assigned to me gave me the black and white options. She was short and quick to the point. I was ready to make my plea and accept the unfortunate consequences. However, I luckily met Andrew who filled in for my original public defender and after discussing my case with him, he saw a grey area that the public defender completely overlooked! Andrew encouraged me to fight. His confidence, professionalism and knowledge of the law gave me enough reason to trust him. Andrew’s greatest quality as an attorney was an ability to earn my trust immediately. He’s very understanding, great at reading people and situations and a fighter. He was able to relate to me as a person and communicated the process to me each step of the way. He was able to help negotiate terms to my case that was extremely reasonable and I am forever grateful for his help.

He treated me like a friend and through my experience, I would consider him a friend and would gladly recommend him to anyone of my friends and family!!

Thanks Andrew!”