“Andrew is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Pasadena. He truly cares about his clients and has worked tirelessly for about 8 years fighting for the rights of the poor. He is well respected by the judges and his peers. I highly endorse Andrew as a compassionate and aggressive advocate for the criminally accused.”

Ann Gottesman

“Andrews possesses the rare combination of true courtroom swagger and an encyclopedic knowledge of the law. I have personally seen him use these skills to win seemingly impossible cases! He is a true legal talent! The public is blessed to have Andrew on their side! Andrew is a legal warrior, scholar and a friend. He comes highly recommended! Do not hesitate to contact him for any of your needs.”

Kratu Patel
Los Angeles

“Leventhal has guts, persistence and grace. I have watched over and over while the prosecutor tried to intimidate or fool him. And every time, every single time, he smiles, fights back and then eats their lunch. I can say that a client would be lucky to hire Mr. Leventhal. He is a scholar and a warrior.”

Anthony Tahan
Los Angeles

“Andrew Leventhal is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever come into contact with. He has adds a certain swagger that can’t be taught and his ability to relate to the members of the jury is something else that can’t be taught. If I were facing a case, I would trust my life with Andrew. I happily endorse Andrew.”

Michael Carrillo
South Pasadena

“Andrew is one of the most knowledgeable criminal and DUI lawyers I’ve met. He cares about his clients and does not let anything get in the way of what he thinks is right. If I found myself in dutch with the law he is the first person I’d turn to.”

Joe Valeriano
Los Angeles

“I unequivocally endorse this lawyer! Mr. Leventhal is a brilliant legal mind, and dedicated to the public good. He is a true advocate for his clients and will spend countless hours pursuing justice for them. Whatever the circumstances, Mr. Leventhal’s clients always receive the right combination of ability, experience and efficiency. He is indeed a star.”

Arie Ebrahimian
Beverly Hills

“The kind of passion, brilliance and gumption this lawyer possesses cannot be taught. He is a real advocate who throws down harder, stronger and better than any private lawyer in the room… No case is too complicated for this walking talking penal code and no case is too “hard,” because he doesn’t know the meaning of the word. As it turns out, superheroes do live among us.”

Melissa Lewkowicz
Beverly Hills

“Brilliant lawyer, who is a natural in the courtroom. Its very few lawyers who I would call upon in a time of need. However should I ever need legal representation, Andrew would be among my first calls.”

Jamal Tooson