Vandalism involves wishful devastation of others’ property whether it’s tagging, graffiti or misdemeanor. If you or your child is charged for Vandalism, the punishments can be severe. And you should at once hire a local defense attorney to secure your rights against the charges. If you’re in Los Angeles or Pasadena Valley, we can help

Unfortunately, even the smaller vandalism offences tend to harsh charges – a felony, face extensive fine, time in the county jail, prison, even a strike under the ‘Three Strikes Law’. And you still have to pay the fines if it’s your child who caused the damage. Let me first tell you what counts as a vandalism offence:

  • Breaking, damaging a window or door.
  • Etching or craving into a glass or wood product, be it a table, chair, driveway, etc.
  • Possession of Graffiti Tools, tagging others either by markers or paint.
  • Harming others’ properties intensely.

As it seems that your kids can cause many of them when playing; the charges might surprise you:

  • Felony Vandalism Charges: can lead to face time in County jail or Prison and fines up to $10000.
  • Gang Related Vandalism: Along with the Felony charges, it can result in a strike.
  • Misdemeanor Vandalism Charges: can lead to time in County jail, probation, community labor, and fines ranging from $1000 to $5000.
  • Possession of Tagging or Graffiti Tools: can lead to up to 300 hours of community service and/or keep a specific location “graffiti free” for a year.

You can see that these charges can go severer. But thankfully, we can fix these issues in court. In case, you or your child get accused of vandalism, the only advice for you is – do not proclaim your innocence to the police as it never works. Instead, remain silent, let them do their job, and contact us to help you defend your case.

A Few of Our Cases:

  • Felony arson dismissed while client on probation for arson.
  • Felony theft dismissed after preliminary hearing.
  • Felony grand theft of several computers dismissed.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) fraud dismissed after preliminary hearing.
  • Felony forgery reduced to misdemeanor after preliminary hearing.
  • Felony vandalism reduced to misdemeanor, then diverted and dismissed.
  • More than one hundred petty theft cases informally diverted and dismissed.
  • Approximately 10 misdemeanor vandalism matters dismissed after civil compromise.
  • Motion to dismiss petty theft for violation of speedy trial – granted.
  • Motion to dismiss grand theft for violation of speedy trial – granted.
  • Receiving stolen property dismissed.
  • Commercial burglary reduced to misdemeanor trespass.
  • Vehicle tampering reduced to trespass infraction.
  • Tampering with railroad reduced to infraction.
  • Receiving stolen property dismissed after discovery violations.
  • Forgery diverted and dismissed