THE LEVENTHAL FIRM is a powerhouse, boutique law practice dedicated to criminal defense in both state and federal court. Lead Trial Attorney, Andrew Leventhal, Esq., and Managing Attorney Yvonne Rodriguez, Esq., are the heart and soul of this law firm – both trial lawyers have defended more than 10,000 criminal cases combined and have tried almost every criminal case imaginable before a jury. Andrew and Yvonne are incredibly passionate attorneys, both deeply immersed in criminal law – they spent a combined 14 years vehemently challenging the criminal justice system as Los Angeles Public Defenders; the desire to challenge is the essence of THE LEVENTHAL FIRM, and with that, results are the only thing that matter.

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    San Diego
    THE LEVENTHAL FIRM is deeply connected to San Diego. Lead Attorney, Andrew Leventhal, was born and raised in San Diego.

    After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), Andrew went back “home” to San Diego for law school and graduated top 3% in his class.

    Andrew has litigated in every court in San Diego, and worked with local law enforcement agencies in the area to consistently achieve life-saving results for his clients. Andrew prides himself on multiple-decade-long relationships that help make him tremendously effective in his hometown.

    Los AngelesLos Angeles
    THE LEVENTHAL FIRM has litigated in every court in Los Angeles County. Our firm has spent years in the Los Angeles criminal court trenches building important relationships with judges and prosecutors in every jurisdiction.

    THE LEVENTHAL FIRM’s attorneys have successfully defended criminal cases in virtually every Los Angeles courthouse. Andrew Leventhal, Esq., and Yvonne Rodriguez, Esq., boast a distinct inside connection to all Los Angeles courtrooms because both trial attorneys spent a combined 14 years in the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office developing strong contacts with public defenders staffed in every Los Angeles courthouse.  This “inside connection” gives THE LEVENTHAL FIRM unparalleled insight into courtroom dynamics long before our client’s first court date.