Andrew LeventhalAndrew Leventhal, ESQ.

Andrew Leventhal is a dynamic, passionate, and charismatic criminal defense attorney. Andrew spent seven years battling in the courtroom trenches as a Los Angeles Public Defender; it is here that Andrew developed a reputation for being a fearless trial lawyer. Andrew has defended thousands of criminal cases and taken almost every charge on the books to jury trial; his incredible legal knowledge has yielded close to a 90% jury trial win rate.

Andrew loves the underdog and fights for his clients to the very end – lawyering is his calling. Andrew practices like an old-school attorney: He treats his clients like family and advocates for them like he would with his own flesh and blood. Andrew’s compassionate style earned him a 2015 invitation into the National Trial Lawyers “Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers” club.

Andrew Leventhal has dedicated his life to defending people – he strongly believes in fighting for what is right. Andrew does not beat around the bush; you will know if he can help.

Yvonne Rodriquez, ESQ.

Yvonne Rodriguez, Esq. is THE LEVENTHAL FIRM’s managing attorney. Her work-ethic is unmatched – Yvonne’s hard-working style leaves every client feeling confident and secure that no stone is left unturned before the case ends. Yvonne doesn’t sleep at night if she hasn’t been able to complete her daily work for each and every client.

Yvonne was born and raised in East Los Angeles. Without much familial support or resources, Yvonne beat all odds and became the first person in her immediate family to become an attorney. Yvonne is strong, driven, resilient, and most importantly, brilliant.

Yvonne is passionate about criminal defense – she too spent seven years as a Los Angeles public defender battling for people in the criminal court trenches. She has defended thousands of cases and developed important positive relationships with judges and prosecutors all over Los Angeles County. Her experience, work-ethic, and positive relationships make her an amazing asset to THE LEVENTHAL FIRM’s mission – to get results.