“I was put in an unfortunate situation and no one was willing to take my case. Andrew took the time to look into my case and review all the evidence and it was obvious that I was not in the wrong. Without Andrew I would be in a different situation today. I thank him for all that he did for me and definitely recommend him!”


“I am more than thankful for Andrew Lenventhals expertise in criminal law. He helped me seek justice during a time that I was wrongfully accused through an officers profiling. It was a 6 month battle that at a point wasn’t going our way, but with each other’s trust and patience we found all the legal information to help me seek justice. Thank You Andrew, without your help I would not of been able to get back on my feet.”


“Andrew Leventhal, is by far the BEST attorney! After meeting with him and discussing my case, I hired him on the spot to represent me. I was very impressed with the way he handled my case. Extremely nice guy and very hard working, gets to the point, and get’s it done quickly. Staff is great and prompt to return calls. Extremely satisfied with his professionalism. I would HIGHLY recommend him.”


“Andrew knows his way around a courtroom. As the parent of a young person who found himself in several run ins with the law, Andrew was amazing! He fought hard for my son and kept me calm during the process. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who needs help navigating through the complicated legal system. Thank you Andrew!”


“I am a Vietnam Veteran, who unfortunately, although injured in Vietnam at the young age of 18 for over 40 years was not able to get help from Government or anyone else. Recently I had an unfortunate situation which would have impacted on my ability to drive. And with my military related injuries walking is very difficult so I was faced with having to lose my license and not be able to drive which would have been disastrous. Most attorneys just wanted to rush my case through as just another number which would not have helped me but would have left me in dire straits. However, it was a God send when somehow my case was assigned to Attorney Andrew Leventhal because he did not treat me just as another number but as a real human being. He was compassionate and understanding and to add to that he was very and I underscore the word VERY efficient and my case turned very well for me. For an old soldier who has had some very hard times this old Vet highly recommends this attorney! Try him and you’ll see what I mean!”


“I was involved in an incident with the police for the first time in my life and I didn’t know anything about being represented or what I was getting myself into. Mr. Andrew Leventhal represented me very professionally and made me feel like family. He was attentive, knowledgeable and most importantly I didn’t feel like he judged me based on my actions. He was very straightforward with me and fought hard to lessen my charge. He was successful not only in holding up his end of the bargain but made me feel at ease by assuring me that as long as I followed his direction everything would be okay. Sure enough he was right, and during our time together I never doubted his expertise. He is well-spoken, confident and very reliable. Thank you for everything Andrew!”

Richard B.

“Andrew, represented me Richard B. On a Criminal DUI. Case in 2008. Andrew was fresh & eager to show the Courts, that he was/is knowledgeable of the LAW. Andrew, not only won my Case! “Dismissed”… The case it self was EXONERATED … Yes, you heard it right. This Attorney will fight till the end with you. Look him up! …Andrew Leventhal … He’s number one Attorney R my book.”


“In 2010 after coming late home I got into a fight with my roommate who then called the police on me and obviously said I attacked him. I was arrested that night on battery charges and given a court date. The first time I went to court I talked to a lawyer who right away advised me to sign a paper that said no contest and just go on and do 3 year probation, out of principle I told that lawyer no way, I told him if he was ready to lose just give up my case to someone else. Mr Leventhal took my case and right away got to work after talking me for a few minutes he said , yes we have a case and he gave a lot of confidence, moreover one night Mr Leventhal called at around 11:30 p.m to ask me questions about the case which he was preparing, it gave me a lot confidence that Mr Leventhal was actually working really hard on my case. Once we were on the trial which was a battery case Mr Leventhal work very hard to prove my innocence he called several witness, I never actually got on the stand to testify and I was found innocent, something that was very impressive about my trial was that some of the jurors and even the prosecutor came to congratulate Mr Leventhal on a great case , I guess I don’t know if that is usual, but to me it was very surprising almost amazing that they would come to congratulate him on a well exposed case. Mr Leventhal was always clear with me he helped all throughout the case to understand and kept me inform of the details of the case. I am very thankful to Mr Leventhal and I would highly recommend him as a hungry aggressive smart lawyer I was very lucky to have him on my side.”

Anonymous Client

“It was my very first encounter with the law and my very first experience with a public defender. My case was a pretty open and shut case (against me) and the public defender assigned to me gave me the black and white options. She was short and quick to the point. I was ready to make my plea and accept the unfortunate consequences. However, I luckily met Andrew who filled in for my original public defender and after discussing my case with him, he saw a grey area that the public defender completely overlooked! Andrew encouraged me to fight. His confidence, professionalism and knowledge of the law gave me enough reason to trust him. Andrew’s greatest quality as an attorney was an ability to earn my trust immediately. He’s very understanding, great at reading people and situations and a fighter. He was able to relate to me as a person and communicated the process to me each step of the way. He was able to help negotiate terms to my case that was extremely reasonable and I am forever grateful for his help.

He treated me like a friend and through my experience, I would consider him a friend and would gladly recommend him to anyone of my friends and family!!

Thanks Andrew!”


“As a young lady from a small town I was not prepared to deal with the career criminals of Los Angeles. One sunny day in Pasadena I received a letter to appear for a detective. The crime? I was accused of a hit an run yet had never been in a traffic accident & I had a perfect driving record (& years later, still do!). There was no damage to my car, what was this all about?! When I went down to the station I figured it was all a formality and they’d instantly discover the mistake and tell me to go home. Much to my shock and dismay, the detective seemed to assume I was a dumb woman and didn’t know how to drive. He insisted the case would proceed. Or maybe the detective was in on the scam? To this day I have no idea. Officially, I was scared. I was faced with thousands of dollars in damages, points on my license and the probability that my insurance payments would be vastly increased.

Well, as it turned out I’d just parked in the wrong place one day when I went to get my hair done in a seedier area of Echo Park. I was parked in front of a home of a serial criminal. His specialty? Insurance fraud. Piles of evidence were turned up on this guy about how he was selling parts from stolen cars and souping up Honda civics for racing (who does that?). His phony report peppered with photoshopped/low resolution images claimed that I’d totaled the whole rear end of his car! I couldn’t believe it. Days after he filed the bogus claim he bought these ridiculously expensive racing seats for the same car (a Honda Civic, again- who does this?) and was bragging about it online.

Andrew Leventhal SAVED the day! He was a true hero. He elucidated the procedure very clearly and thoroughly. He put me at ease because I knew everything was going to be alright. His greatest asset was his sheer confidence in the courtroom. He threw down the stack of evidence on the prosecutor’s desk. BAM! Take a look at this. My client is telling the truth. As prosecutor thumbed through the folder I could see her face crumble more and more with each turning page. It took all of 3 seconds and the case was dismissed. Heart attack, over.

Thanks, Andrew.”