Domestic violence

Domestic violence, sometimes mentioned as but not limited to ‘spousal abuse’ and/or ‘child abuse’, doesn’t always end up with a simple divorce or so. If you’re charged with domestic violence, you should consult with an attorney in your state or domain as he could explain you the laws and warn you before you make a mistake.

In the legal system, there is no good or bad decisions but only the right or wrong ones. The right ones take you to the outsides’ free life while the wrong ones send you behind the bars for a good time, which is what we help you with. We educate you to understand the law, the legal process, and the consequence you may face.

For example, in divorce cases, there are two difference hearing – first, the criminal hearing and second, the family law hearing. For criminal hearing, you need a well-experienced attorney who is outspoken in the courtroom and has already proved his expertise. While for the family law hearing, we work with family law attorney to secure your rights; or we may suggest you select the counsel to shield the family law aspects of the dispute.

Sometimes, a couple may want to join each other later and to take the charges off from their partners. But our judiciary system doesn’t allow such attempts. Once you got in, it’s up to the prosecutor if he wants to continue the case or not.

Finally, if you’re charged with domestic violence either by your spouse or someone else, contact a criminal attorney who is advocating such cases for a long time with positive results. And if you’re in Los Angeles or Pasadena, you can contact us as well.

A Few of Our Cases:

  • Elder abuse reduced to misdemeanor trespass.
  • Elder abuse reduced to misdemeanor disturbing the peace.
  • Domestic violence causing traumatic injury reduced to disturbing the peace infraction.
  • Domestic violence causing traumatic injury reduced to simple trespass.
  • Domestic violence causing traumatic injury reduced to misdemeanor public intoxication.
  • Domestic violence causing traumatic injury dismissed while client on probation for domestic battery.
  • Child abuse charges dismissed and client’s immigration status preserved.
  • Child endangerment dismissed.
  • More than 25 domestic violence cases dismissed- several clients maintained immigration status.
  • Child abuse dismissed after Miranda motion filed.
  • Motion to dismiss restraining order violation granted.
  • Child abuse reduced to misdemeanor simple battery.
  • Child abuse causing serious injury reduced to simple battery.