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Proposition 64 Resentencing


THE LEVENTHAL FIRM has important things to share about Proposition 64. Pot is generally legal. We know that today. But, what does that mean for all the people who suffered marijuana related criminal convictions that would have been punished differently under the new 64 legal framework? My law firm has a lot to say about that: For example, street possession for sale (or possession of more than an ounce) will generally be a misdemeanor.

QUERY: Consider how many people sold weed in high school or college and got popped for a felony possession of marijuana for sale? A lot. Many of these now mature law-abiding, productive adults cannot get the education they deserve nor the career or job they deserve because of these old pot convictions. We are hopeful that the courts will make it fairly easy for my law firm to help those in that regard. Health and Safety Code 11361.8 should allow my law firm to change these individuals’ lives. After all, THE LEVENTHAL FIRM is in the business of changing lives, for the better.