Criminal protective order


“Criminal protective order – domestic violence case filed & the order expires 2018; “comment NNC-NO NEG contact”. What does this mean? Is the protective order still valid?”

Generally, we have two types of protective orders in a domestic violence (DV) case: 1) post-conviction (PC 1203.097 or 273.5(j)); and/or (2) pending trial (PC 136.2). The fact that your criminal protective order expires in 2018 tells me that you have likely been placed on probation for something. The “comment” you are referring to typically means you are subject to a “Level One” order – peaceful contact only. Make sure you petition for early termination of probation (PC 1203.3) and dismissal (PC 1203.4) through your lawyer as soon as you finish everything on probation. Then, move to dissolve that protective order (through your lawyer) even though it is supposed to be dissolved on its own – they often erroneously linger in the system and create extreme inconveniences.