I got a probation today cause the sherrifs caught me and my bf in the car doin something. Its not drugs or anything but


“I am 17. The sheriffs caught me and my bf in the car doin stuff. We were just kissing in the car and the sherrifs caught us. He asked for our id and talked to us for a bit. Will i get an email? Will it show on my insurance that im on probation? They didnt say anything after they told us that we can leave so, what’s going to happen?”

If you did not sign a promise to appear (i.e., “receive a citation”), then forget about this. This happened to me when I was 17 and we received a curfew citation; that is more than you got, and trust me, that event has not seriously impacted my life, career, or overall mental well-being. Her parents of course were not pleased with me, but I’m pretty sure they have moved on.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy being 17.