Is sex offender and prostitution charges same? I was arrested for prostituion so does it mean I considered as sex offender?


“Are sex offender and prostitution charges the same? I had a prostitution case, but does that mean I am a sex offender?”

Typically, in California criminal practice, “sex offender” means any person who has a suffered a conviction that requires registration pursuant to penal code section 290 et. seq.

Prostitution is punished primarily under penal code sections 647(b) (solicitation) and 653.22 (a) (loitering with the intent to solicit etc); both statutes do not mandate penal code section 290 “sex offender” registration upon conviction.

Therefore, even if you suffered a conviction here (which you did not), you would not be anywhere near a sex offender, both legally and sociologically.

Hope you feel better!